The Great Escape.

Yippee! I left my day job in December last year and have entered in to the big wide world of freelancing.

Okay so the “big wide world” is my art studio right next door to my bedroom, but still.

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Raised gold leaf gilding

Nice fun day today at work, raised gold gilding some versal and italic initials. 

Gilding supplies

23c gold leaf versals

Illustrated Notebooks & New Giclee Pet Prints

I spent some of yesterday visiting Coopers Crafty Corner in Pelsall to stock my art shelf with a batch of giclee pet prints and notebooks.  

My breast cancer awareness picture ‘Contemplation‘ will also be available from Oct 14th for their Breast Cancer Awareness campaign with donations from the sales going to Walsall Breast Cancer Support Group

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Magical Fairyland Birthday Card

Made a bespoke birthday card at work today for our fairy mad, tree – hugging friend and fellow artist Ivan.


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An Otter and… HOLIDAYS!

Just because I’ve not posted a lot lately here’s a little otter I did at work this afternoon.

Otter, miniature watercolour. ~35mm diameter

So there you go.

…And then I broke up for my holidays! 😎🚲🌞 But 1st things 1st… A little nap!

An Idea of Scale

This is an example of the scale I work at as a miniaturist illustrator (Also the reason why I needed varifocals at the age of 30!)

Miniature watercolour painting of robin with £2 coin for scale
Miniature painting from today with £2 coin for scale

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