UK Red Sun 

Between the eerie yellow clouds today I managed to get some close up shots of the red sun caused by hurricane Ophelia raising Sahara dust and debris from the forest fires in Portugal and Spain.
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Magical Fairyland Birthday Card

Made a bespoke birthday card at work today for our fairy mad, tree – hugging friend and fellow artist Ivan.


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Horse Portrait Update

Currently at The “How the Hell do I pass at being a portrait artist? This looks like a hippo a 5 year old would paint” stage. …I have 1 or 2 per portrait Keep Calm & Carry On!

Meanwhile babysitting craft day was a success. 


Friday Night Off

A rare evening of doing nothing apart from watching Netflix and eating pizza is interuppted by desire….  to start constructing the Metal Earth AT-AT I had for my birthday!


Metal Earth AT-AT wip
Something else that’s bad for my eye sight

And I shouldn’t have eaten that pizza 🤢

Child’s Play

Added a new page today for my nephew. 

Thought it’d be fun to display the work he gives me as he grows and see him develop his (current apathy for) creativity! 

Age 4

Don’t have any pics of my own from my childhood 😔 except for a few scribbles over my mom’s recipe books and maybe a couple of oils in the loft I did when I was 10, a rose (with help from my dad) and a cheetah.

Copperplate & New Ink

Playing with my new Ziller Inks tonight for a bit of Copperplate practice… rebelling from our strict studio italic and roundhand styles this evening with some flourishing pastels!

On my first try I love these inks, they have an easy and consistent flow from the nib and have an impressive opacity on black paper with no offsetting.  Lightfast, pH balanced and waterproof.

I usually use a gouache mix for both colour and black due to my previous Higgins inks getting thick and glouppy, but these Zillers are going to be my new “go to” writing inks.

A Day Off

Day trip with the family and my camera!

West Midlands Safari Park.

Digital Art

Wanted to pick up my Wacom Bamboo Art Tab again in one of those rare spare time moments; decided my avatar needed a long overdue makeover with my not-so-new-now hair cut!

I fancy upgrading to a new Cintiq HD now!! Time to save up!