The Great Escape.

Yippee! I left my day job in December last year and have entered in to the big wide world of freelancing.

Okay so the “big wide world” is my art studio right next door to my bedroom, but still.

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Illustrated Notebooks & New Giclee Pet Prints

I spent some of yesterday visiting Coopers Crafty Corner in Pelsall to stock my art shelf with a batch of giclee pet prints and notebooks.  

My breast cancer awareness picture ‘Contemplation‘ will also be available from Oct 14th for their Breast Cancer Awareness campaign with donations from the sales going to Walsall Breast Cancer Support Group

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Groovie Tots

Busy weekend adding a slideshow and mobile compatibility to the website with plenty of admin thrown in.

Groovie Art page, a few design tweeks and playroom slideshow to follow… But not tonight American Gods is calling.

Boy and girl hanging onto a letter g and t
Groovie Tots Logo

Mobile Web Development

section of code in notepad+

This mobile site development is taking longer than I expected, fitting it around FT employment. Looking forward to finishing it to start making the art to put on it! I’m starting to see colour in Hex Color Code.

But I can see the light at the end of the tunnel
…and it’s not a train!

…It’s a  .light{background-color:#ff0; -webkit-border-radius:50%; -moz-border-radius:50%; border-radius:50%; width:12em; height:12em;}



Mobile Web Development

section of code in notepad+
chalk paint coffee cup with escape plan written on next to laptop with new website html
Day Job Escape Plan

It’s been a while since I did any web development BUT putting some serious effort into my mobile site this month, need to fulfil a dream and become a full time freelancer by next year!

It’s nice to be employed as a full time artist but MUCH nicer to be doing it for myself!

Better leave XHTML behind and pick up some HTML5 know-how now too. Mobile Site Full Steam Ahead!

Started work on some new website graphics…

digital self portrait on a stamp
Delivery page
digital self portrait holding a newspaper with eye cutouts and a duck to feed
Privacy page
digital self portrait holding a t and c scroll
T&C page