Toys… Ahem… Tools!

Look what arrived today!

Figma artist mannequins.

My 4 year old nephew is now utterly convinced I’m about 12 yrs old.  To be honest he was pretty sure I was way before he spotted my “superhero action figures”.

They look pretty nice but quality wise well, not so good.

I’ve been unable to get 1 of the hands out of the holder. It’s either been put in twisted or some how glued, the hand broke away trying to pull it out.

The male figure has 4 pairs of hands (different poses) and the female 4 1/2 …I’m guessing that’s not correct as there is storage for 4 sets each (+1 set on figure).

The stands are very tight fitting but fit on the back of the body with some effort. The stand again connects to the base tightly and 1 base has cracked slightly when pushing them together. Could do with being a heavier base too as the figure tilts the base off the ground in some positions.

I’m going to have to stop buying from Facebook ads!

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