Productive casting weekend

Well casting day finally arrived and it was a success! 

Had a fab weekend as the dog plaque cast came out trouble free. I’ve cast 8 this weekend (including a master cast and test piece) It’s the reason I had my breakfast toast at 4pm today. Just waiting for some wall hangers to arrive then its all systems go.  I also need a new respirator for casting!

Have my colour test piece all painted up and once done in my late dogs colours it looks just like her! Well it is apart from the eyes which are still blue in the photo! Didn’t plan it as it was just a generic cartoon dog. Happy accident! Anyway, that’s now hanging up in my kitchen and makes a lovely memorial to her ❤

Cartoon grey/white malamute head wearing red an white spotted neck tie.
Malamute colour tester. Few extra layers on this than there normally would be due to different colour trials so the detail isn’t as clear

I don’t want to share the full sculpt yet as just waiting on those hangers, but as soon as they arrive and are fixed (hopefully giving me the effect I’m after) I’ll update!

Have a full series planned (my notebook is filling fast) but the next 1 is a cat version.. For all those weird cat folk out there 😉

Here’s some of the other head variations (And why my malamute had blue eyes)

I Love Spot!

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