Illustrated Notebooks & New Giclee Pet Prints

I spent some of yesterday visiting Coopers Crafty Corner in Pelsall to stock my art shelf with a batch of giclee pet prints and notebooks.  

My breast cancer awareness picture ‘Contemplation‘ will also be available from Oct 14th for their Breast Cancer Awareness campaign with donations from the sales going to Walsall Breast Cancer Support Group

Giclee prints hot off the press ready for hand embellishing and mounting

Also added a new page on my site for my notebooks yesterday.

I really have to aesthetically redesign my desktop site in line with the mobile version, but will be merging them into 1 as updating both is taking too much of my time away from the most important part… ART!  So for now try not to look <shudder> at the desktop version! I also need to look into a site catalogue now I’ll be adding more products.

I’m itching to redecorate my studio (won’t happen) and I still have that little sculpt to do, currently not happy with one of the Woodland Teddy miniatures I’m working on so giving that a break for the weekend then I’ll re-compose it this week… where does all that precious time go! 😯 I can’t thank my dad enough for coming up every week to keep on top of gardening!!!

The only artwork I did at ‘the day job’ this week (knee deep in laying out a bespoke military book print run) was finishing this pair of cuddling meerkats in a bespoke memorial book…

Watercolour Meerkat Illustration
Purple Pansy Illustration

It’s turning into a beautiful book cherished by it’s owner that gets updated on anniversaries, birthdays and at Christmas. 

A few other pages I’ve illustrated in it over the last couple of years…

Lioness and her cub
The Lion King’s Princess Nala
The Lion King’s Rafiki
Bleeding Hearts (lamprocapnos spectabilis)

And the book cover…

Painting an Heraldic Family Crest

Okay so need to get off here and do some work… hand embellishing prints, mounting and… hmmm sculpting? Suddenly I want to emboss something <shakes head>

Hand embellishing some fine art giclee prints using metallic gold ink.

And I really do need to attend to the desktop version…

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