Miniature Artwork Sketches and To Do List

Getting lots done at the moment thanks to a thyroxine boost so spent yesterday evening sketching 10 designs for my Woodland Teddy miniatures.

A christmas bonneted mother and child teddy sitting looking at a Woodland Christmas tree

Christmas Cuddles

Sketch of teddy in woods hiding behind tree
Previous miniature ‘I See You Teddy’ sketch
Sketch of teddy in woods sitting in picnic case longingly looking at honey jar holding a spoon
Previous miniature ‘Just One Little Spoonful’ sketch

Jobs on the go for the rest of this weekend are:

  1. Varnishing the 2 woodland teddy miniatures, ‘I See You Teddy’ and ‘Just One Little Spoonful’   …TICK  (Look at me ahead of myself!)
  2. A new notebook design.
  3. Start one of the teddy miniatures I sketched out last night (AND/OR..)
  4. I REALLY WANT to do a quick dog plaque sculpt I’ve been thinking about for weeks!!! (OMG please have the time this weekend! …Yeh coming off here now would help 😒)
  5. *Photographing the newly varnished miniatures and editing for print.

Still waiting for my pet and ‘Contemplation’ art prints to arrive (everyone must be ordering their Christmas stock) so **mounting and packing is off the list till later in the week.  But at least the new blades have arrived ready …Yay! Sharp blades make the job so MUCH easier!

I really need to have a ruthless studio tidy up at some point this weekend. It always helps to be able to walk (I’m not flexble enough to hurdle) to your desk and be able to find the pencil you’ve just put down…somewhere…2 seconds ago. Find all sorts of forgotten interesting bits and pieces too, hopefully I find my embossing kit …its been too safely put away 🤔

*Relatively boring bit.

**Tremendously tedious bit.

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