Hypo Energy Boost!


About to get an energy increase I HOPE …my levothyroxine meds upped again (after dropping it too much) and I’m waiting to see an endo in December to see if I’m allowed to include some of that much sought after T3! (Please PLEASE!!!)

Fingers crossed they’ll end the 13 years of fatigue this time. Hoping to get back to the (optimally treated) 2007 me!


Looking forward to feeling awake and SWITCHED ON during the day, hopefully won’t need as many evening naps BEFORE bedtime (more art production!) waking up before my alarm clock goes off (and gets snooze 20x), cycling / jogging again AND weight loss (well… fingers crossed).

…Stay tuned for more ART activity! 

Collection of winter flowers and foliage

Graduation Photos

Finally finished the 2017 batch of graduation photos for Groovie Tots!

Toddler graduation photo (face hidden) in a digital art bamboo frame to match the childcare setting.

Features a digital art frame to match the childcare setting of GroovieTots.

*Faces hidden to follow child protection procedures.

Graduation Photoshoot

Had a fun photoshoot with the preschool graduates of Groovie Tots today. Plenty of pictures taken by the *Groovie Tots and me. 

Have fun in your new schools Groovie Tots!

Some superhero photoshop work to follow.

Logo of orange and yellow G T letters with a stick figure boy in blue girl in green holding on to the letters

* Yes I let 2, 3 and 4 year olds play with my precious camera and tripod! 

An Otter and… HOLIDAYS!

Just because I’ve not posted a lot lately here’s a little otter I did at work this afternoon.

Otter, miniature watercolour. ~35mm diameter

So there you go.

…And then I broke up for my holidays! 😎🚲🌞 But 1st things 1st… A little nap!

Somewhat of a slacker.

…Not really 😉 I’ve just not updated my blog in a few weeks.

Currently still trying to fit in a portrait and a sculpture around some other commitments and work, i.e. a few clay models for children to paint in a nursery, some wall displays and some DTP. Not progressed a great deal with them yet but no huge rush at the moment.

Flagging energy levels about to be recharged with a much needed holiday, and then week off to recuperate from a week with a 4yr old!

Planning on doing a little sketching for fun while away then finishing off the portrait when I get home (if I forget I’m still on hoilday).

Pet Sculpture

Spent some of my bank holiday sculpting a figurine of my late dog in her favourite spot… the empty bath, here in her “DON’T TURN THE LIGHT ON I’M SLEEPING!” pose.

The basic shape is more or less complete, detail to follow.  Now this is supposed to be a caricature, I just need to keep reminding myself of that and not go too heavy on the realism, if I haven’t already! (It’s a hard habit to break).

I want to do a realistic full body and bust to follow.

I’ve not used polymer clay before as I normally make a mould to cast pieces so use wax/clay or grey clay to model with, but as I’m doing some one-offs I thought it was the ideal time to try it out rather than making a waste mould.

Horse Portrait Update

Currently at The “How the Hell do I pass at being a portrait artist? This looks like a hippo a 5 year old would paint” stage. …I have 1 or 2 per portrait Keep Calm & Carry On!

Meanwhile babysitting craft day was a success. 


Groovie Tots

Busy weekend adding a slideshow and mobile compatibility to the groovietots.co.uk website with plenty of admin thrown in.

Groovie Art page, a few design tweeks and playroom slideshow to follow… But not tonight American Gods is calling.

Boy and girl hanging onto a letter g and t
Groovie Tots Logo

New Canvas

My 2nd canvas has arrived, Loxley you never fail me!   Needs a little stretch then it’s paint to canvas …after a cuppa.


There’s only going to be a few initial WIP’s as this is for a client wanting a birthday gift, highly doubt the recipient will see this blog (does anybody? 😂 ) but I’ll wait a few months.

Pencilled in horses head on white canvas
Horse sketch on canvas
Sepia horse sketch on burnt umber canvas
Horse sketched out on to toned ground.

Friday Night Off

A rare evening of doing nothing apart from watching Netflix and eating pizza is interuppted by desire….  to start constructing the Metal Earth AT-AT I had for my birthday!


Metal Earth AT-AT wip
Something else that’s bad for my eye sight

And I shouldn’t have eaten that pizza 🤢