Child’s Play

Added a new page today for my nephew. 

Thought it’d be fun to display the work he gives me as he grows and see him develop his (current apathy for) creativity! 

Age 4

Don’t have any pics of my own from my childhood 😔 except for a few scribbles over my mom’s recipe books and maybe a couple of oils in the loft I did when I was 10, a rose (with help from my dad) and a cheetah.

An Idea of Scale

This is an example of the scale I work at as a miniaturist illustrator (Also the reason why I needed varifocals at the age of 30!)

Miniature watercolour painting of robin with £2 coin for scale
Miniature painting from today with £2 coin for scale

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Horse Oil Portrait

Starting to put paint to canvas for a new commission later tonight, a horse oil portrait – only a small one but haven’t done a horse in oil before so I’m looking forward to getting started.

Okay scrap that for a few days, canvas was damaged when I opened it 😑 so I’ll relax for the evening for a change instead.


Copperplate & New Ink

Playing with my new Ziller Inks tonight for a bit of Copperplate practice… rebelling from our strict studio italic and roundhand styles this evening with some flourishing pastels!

On my first try I love these inks, they have an easy and consistent flow from the nib and have an impressive opacity on black paper with no offsetting.  Lightfast, pH balanced and waterproof.

I usually use a gouache mix for both colour and black due to my previous Higgins inks getting thick and glouppy, but these Zillers are going to be my new “go to” writing inks.


Finished off painting the Toad garden ornament today, oh and gave Mole a fishing rod.
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Coopers Crafty Corner, Best of Walsall

Coopers Crafty Corner Best of Walsall video.  Take a tour around the craft shop in Pelsall.  Ideal for gifts and those little luxuries.

New Ink!

Probably won’t be testing this out just yet as I’ve got a few 150 mile commutes to a crem in Stevenage this week to update the Book of Remembrance.  Maybe the weekend with some copperplate.  Now …Zzzz



Book Cover Art

Finished this piece at work today. A Sheffield coat of arms on a sheepskin vellum book cover.

The Dummy Fairy

A sketch tonight for a certificate or scroll. My nephew is posting his dummy to the baby dummy fairies so he’ll be getting a thank you from the fairies at his fairy door.

Gold & Bluebells 

Started on a sheep skin vellum book cover today (@work) just got as far as drawing and applying 23c gold.

Then a quick burnish before home…

Then bluebells 💙…
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