Ornament Restoration

I’ve been given some old garden ornaments to spruce up. They are the Garden Creatures set I made in the mid 90’s so they’ve been out in the elements for about 20 years now, fingers crossed they still look like the same garden creatures by the time I’ve finished.

Badger, toad and mole covered in lichen fade and worn off paint with some moss growth covering surface

I’d quite like to make some new garden ornaments sometime, I keep getting design ideas… Hmm, now remembering my cement burnt, skin stripped, finger tips. Now there are protective gloves, I know this… but I don’t like them, so will continue to complain about sore, chemically burnt, finger tips.


After a bit of research at the weekend I sourced another Fine Art Trade Guild Giclée printers for some new prints.

Received my first batch today …I’m so pleased with the print quality, they have exceeded my expectations. They have a really nice range of papers, loving the sample pack and can’t wait to get some more ordered.

Note: I’m also reminded how much I hate cutting mount boards.

Graphite Portrait & EYFS Packs


Completed a pencil portrait this week, but as it’s a child, I don’t share pics without permission from the parents.

Early Years Foundation Stages

Due to some potential interest I’m starting work on some EYFS packages and an EYFS Facebook Page for childminders and nurseries. They will be suitable for home use too, for parents wanting to encourage children’s daily activities.

Happy New Year – Happy New Sculpt.

*Not my photo – web sourced

Beginning a new fairy door, will try to get some stage photographs up soon.

[MARCH UPDATE] Arrgh. It’s not happening at the moment too much else on the go + a Full Time job. But at least it’s protected from dust. This is 1 of the reasons why I use oil based clay ..it won’t dry out any time soon!



Kuru Toga Mechanicals

sketch of a small 35mm cherub


3 Kuru Toga pencils, a silver, clear blue and clear green
Kuru Toga Rotating Lead Pencils

Testing out some “new to me” (..old news to others) mechanical pencils. These self sharpen due to the rotating action of the lead once pressed to the paper. So in theory wear down evenly as it rotates, forming a point.

sketch of a small 35mm cherub
Trying my out my new pencils at work.

Not that impressed with the sharpening so far but they do stay sharper than other mechanicals, I was probably just expecting too much. Think I’ll still be using a touch of glasspaper to get a fine point when I need it for miniature work. Using 0.5mm’s but will order a 0.3mm too, seems harder to source the smaller leads, hence I got the 0.5’s. Bringing me on to…

The Leads

IMPRESSIVE! They are tough, all due to nano diamonds (which I thought was a bit of a gimmick tbh) …not had a lead snap AT ALL yet, even when I accidentally dropped one a metre on to hard tile.  Plus they come in really (Ahem) cute little cases.

boxes of kuru toga 0.5mm leads orange (2b), blue (HB) and purple (2H)
…See told you they were cute!

Off to order some more grades ..and a few more pencils.

UPDATE: A YEAR of use later and the sharpening is working nicely, ordered a 3B …and so far NO snapped leads!

Mobile Web Development

section of code in notepad+

This mobile site development is taking longer than I expected, fitting it around FT employment. Looking forward to finishing it to start making the art to put on it! I’m starting to see colour in Hex Color Code.

But I can see the light at the end of the tunnel
…and it’s not a train!

…It’s a  .light{background-color:#ff0; -webkit-border-radius:50%; -moz-border-radius:50%; border-radius:50%; width:12em; height:12em;}



A Sad Goodbye

thatched cottage in watercolour

Painted a sentimental brass owl miniature for an order of service and finished off a painting for a special lady’s remembrance card this week.


brass owl ornament photograph with miniature painting

Mobile Web Development

section of code in notepad+
chalk paint coffee cup with escape plan written on next to laptop with new website html
Day Job Escape Plan

It’s been a while since I did any web development BUT putting some serious effort into my mobile site this month, need to fulfil a dream and become a full time freelancer by next year!

It’s nice to be employed as a full time artist but MUCH nicer to be doing it for myself!

Better leave XHTML behind and pick up some HTML5 know-how now too. Mobile Site Full Steam Ahead!

Started work on some new website graphics…

digital self portrait on a stamp
Delivery page
digital self portrait holding a newspaper with eye cutouts and a duck to feed
Privacy page
digital self portrait holding a t and c scroll
T&C page


Digital Art

Wanted to pick up my Wacom Bamboo Art Tab again in one of those rare spare time moments; decided my avatar needed a long overdue makeover with my not-so-new-now hair cut!

I fancy upgrading to a new Cintiq HD now!! Time to save up!

Studio Furnishing

photo of my studio

New Year + Trip to Ikea = NEW STUDIO DESK & STORAGE!

photo of my studio

ikea kitchen storge rack used for art tools

my sculpting desk

Finally have somewhere to properly store all my sheets of paper and this desk has loads of working space I love it! I like the adjustable working angle and storage for all my tins of resin and silicone on the tressels.