Mouse Hole Development

Mouse door / Mouse hole (not sure!) skirting board decoration.  Sculpting starts today!

Planning on doing a bit of a misadventure mouse thing here …Hmmm… Mouse Door / Mouse Hole / Misadventure Mouse??

sculpture in wax/clay of mouse getting electric shock from biting a cable
Mouse hole sculpture

Fairy Door Development

Fairy door sculpting starts today! Planning on doing themed doors…not sure when I’ll get around to launching them though.

Not giving too much away with these pics!

sculpting a fairy door in wax/clay
Jungle Fairy Door
fairy door in wax/clay
Sculpting a Pirate Fairy Door.

A Chocolate Thank You

collection of chocs

Yum!  Received a lovely surprise thank you gift today 🙂 for some wedding invites.

This is gorgeous chocolate and highly appreciated!

Christening Calligraphy

christening tag on vase table decoration kraft card with calligraphy name and dates

Written some calligraphy labels for decorative table vases …Which make a nice keepsake for Godparents after the event.

christening tag on kraft card with calligraphy name and dates
Godparent Gift