So I never finished off the Toad repaint (I’m out of practice with garden ornament speed painting) got Mole done though, well I want to amend the face detail first. So I kind of “got Mole done”.

And then, I toned down Badgers blue!

Right that’s it for the weekend …back to work tomorrow (Eh?..did we just have a weekend?)

Brightly coloured paint covered jeans

The hazards of dry brushing

Ornament painting (and whatever else I can fit in this weekend before work).

This weekend is being spent finishing a paint job on Badger (yesterday) and Mole & Toad today. I’m not happy with the blue (it bugged me all night) so will tone it down today.

Also giving my aching back some more grief by sitting on a bench all day, putting together a family portrait composition for approval and doing a moleskine sketch of my eye for portrait warm-up …and just because I haven’t done it before and want to do something while watching TV. I’ll spare the world my self portrait… you may get lips or an ear at some point, woo!

I’m thinking of doing some wedding place setting designs later or working on a new print (unless I finish painting my 1/2 done chimney breast).

And now my bath is overflowing…..