Miniature oils, ‘I See You Teddy’ & ‘Just One Little Spoonful’

A cute little canvas miniature oil painting this afternoon while watching art vids on YouTube from the sofa, well it is Sunday a.k.a. my most productive me-day of the week.


Canvas work in progress of teddy bear peaking out from a tree in a heart on toned miniature box canvas #WillProbablyNeedANewSofa #LivingRoomSmellsOfTurpentine Canvas painting of cream teddy with red bow peeking out between trees displayed on a miniature easel

I love painting miniatures, they’re so much quicker and I’m accustomed to illustrating this small at work all day, but in watercolour not oil. This is my first miniature in oil and I loved every minute of it.

I’ve avoided licking the brush too, all’s good!

I find working in oil so much more satisfying and I don’t mind the smell, kind of like it really which is why I haven’t moved on to odourless yet. No doubt the toxicity of turpentine will force my hand sooner or later. Will add a few more highlights and finer touches once the oils have dried a little in a day or so.

The sofa survived.

This time.

Sent a batch of pictures off for printing yesterday, so have a delivery to look forward to this week (again) now off to do some illustrated notebook sketches before bed… actually no, I’m doing another teddy instead, sketches can wait!

Rough sketch of bear in picnic case looking at honey jar on tonal ground canvas

Really rough sketch on canvas.

Teddy leaning out of picnic case longingly looking at honey pot with spoon in hand

Blocked in, details to add later in the week. Need to get another canvas now, I feel there should be more Woodland Teddies!

Teddy leaning out of picnic case longingly looking at honey pot with spoon in hand

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