The Great Escape.

Yippee! I left my day job in December last year and have entered in to the big wide world of freelancing.

Okay so the “big wide world” is my art studio right next door to my bedroom, but still.

I was clocking in as a Manuscript Illuminator in a studio for 18 years so it feels more than a little strange suddenly working from home! I’m not planning on committing an art crime to get back in the institution though! I’m enjoying the freelancer lifestyle way too much …there are these things called “free time” and “pyjama days”… and working outside in the sun! 🌞

But of course Free Time = ART.

First things first, a MAJOR SITE REDEVELOPMENT is underway. Once that’s done I’m full steam ahead.

I was just planning on merging the desktop and mobile sites into one responsive design, less maintenance with 1 site which gets me off the PC and in my studio more but… I’m redoing the mobile site too instead so it’s going to take a little longer than originally planned.

Then once that’s complete I hit the studio and launch the new products I have lined up.

It’s all very exciting and very, very busy!

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