TJ’s Artwork

Some art pieces by my nephew …Just because I’m a proud Auntie and he’s of course, amazing.

He’s not that into art (and sometimes needs a little help) but on occasion he’ll have a few minutes to spare.

Painted green dinosaur, purple/orange unicorn, orange teddybear and red rocket ship figures
Babysitting crafts
Red Giraffe by tj age 4
Red Giraffe. Age 4.
Birthday card by tj age 4
Star Wars Birthday Art. Age 4
Collection of paintings from the year displayed on wall
Art Gallery. Age 3
Green and pink paint on Orange, Fridge Art. Age 3
Fridge Art. Age 3
Elephant model with note
Clay Elephant. Age 2. Cute surprise from a little visitor I had while I was out at work (with some help from mommy I think!)
Stamping in blue, red hand print art
Stamping and hand art. Age 2
Rabbit, flower and heart stamps on blue
Birthday Card Art. Age 1
Pink painted card interior with orange hand print
Birthday Card Art. Age 1